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* Winner of the "Kiip Build Fund 2013"

Canvsly (pronounced canvas-ly) is a private platform to help you capture, organize, share your child’s precious artwork, so you can cherish them anytime, anywhere forever.


Tickle Me Think

"TickleMeThink©" is a business app addressing the ambitious professional wanting to make a mark. He believes he can make a difference by the quality of his ideas. Therefore he is constantly, actively looking for ideas big and small to seize opportunities, solve problems, crack challenges.



No more pangs & irritations of not finding a document when needed. With Touchdox, you will have an EASY and SAFE access to all your documents anywhere and everywhere you go. Digitize, manage and track all your documents with any of your devices and have a Peace of mind.


Simply Relax

Simply Relax is a profoundly relaxing and calming self hypnosis meditation track, created especially for women. The thirty minute recording has been designed to help any woman out there let go and experience a beautiful sense of inner calm and relaxation.



Still can’t decide where or what to eat? Let Kafoodle be your guide. Think of Kafoodle as your Social Food Library. It’s a fun way to capture and relive all your latest and greatest eating experiences. Discover something new or share old favorites with your friends. With Kafoodle, all your food memories are in the palm of your hand.



What is the hardest thing about meeting someone new? Starting a conversation. Beemer is the new social media app that will help you with just this.

Check out your TOUCHES and decide if you would like to send out a HOOK ME UP request. If you do, you can open a Chat box with that person. If the Chat goes well, go meet for coffee! This is an easy-to-use app that helps you meet up with all kinds of new, interesting people.


Bedtime Meditations

Christiane Kerr is a best-selling author for kids on Amazon.com. Arkenea has developed a series of iPhone and iPad applications for Christiane Kerr that bring a sense of calm and wellbeing and help children improve their focus and concentration. Suitable for ages 3-9 years, this particular iPhone app and iPad app has recordings that are created to bring peace, joy and calm to the end of the day and will help kids of all ages off to sleep.



FlyNRate is the best travel companion you will ever have on your iPhone and iPad, whether you travel a lot for business or just because you can. This free app is conceived by LSW Technologies in partnership with Arkenea Technologies. Arkenea has also done the design and development of the application.

FlyNRate gives you access to the FlyNRate travel community which not only helps you track your flights but allows you to rate your experiences and share these with your friends.


Dubai Open

Arkenea has designed and developed iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry application for the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships second year in a row. Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships is part of the ATP World Tour.



Get fit fast with FITEO, the timelapse app for fitness, designed and developed by Arkenea Technologies. Whether you are trying to lose weight or pack on muscle nothing is more fun than watching a timelapse of your progress!


Sleep Easily Meditation

Arkenea has developed a series of iPhone, iPad and Android applications for guided meditation author Shazzie Love. These guided-meditation apps conduct life transformation programs by giving powerful subliminal suggestions. The Sleep Easily Meditation app helps people let go fully into a deeply relaxing sleep.


Think Positively by Glenn Harrold

Glenn Harrold is a best-selling author and hypnotherapist. He has partnered with Android development company Arkenea to launch a series of guided meditation Android apps. Think Positively is the latest in line to be launched which features like guided meditation audio track to help people think positively in life and create a positive future.


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